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26th 2007. Why Urata? Simply because
there are JUST TOO LITTLE Urata fansites out there, so Urata it is. Besides, I am plain crazed over Urata. xD
  I do not claim credit for any of these images, except
  those with credits on it. Do enjoy your stay!

Fav. Artists: DA PUMP, Justin Timberlake, Hamasaki Ayumi
Fav. Movie: You Got Served
Fav. Color: Neon Yellow Green
Fav. Food: Ramen
Fav. Facial Feature: Mouth

- Ex-Avex Artist Academy Student
- Back-up dancer for Hamasaki Ayumi's Dome Tour and Stadium Tour
- Performed in Hamasaki Ayumi's PV "Greatful Days"
- Performed in HALICALI's PV "Tandem"
- Backup dancer for Suzuki Ami's song "Eventful"
- Passed Hamasaki Ayumi's Audition "ASAYAN"


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  • 4th ATTACK
  • AAA 3rd Anniversary Live Pamphlet


  • [Updates]

    December 16th 2008

    Urata's debut album is out very soon!

    I've updated the blog pictures with tons of new images, as well as the profile pictures with the Tabidachi no Uta and Baby Bang! profile photos!

    If you can't get enough of Urata, you can always go down to his newly opened Ameblo blog. It's updated daily, and I think it's opened specially for the release of Baby Bang!, which means it might get canned after it's release.... D: Let's hope not! Go support him at his blog and maybe they'll see that it's worth keeping!

    [Here's the link!]

    Also, if you haven't already, do go preorder his album! SUPPORT THE MAN!

    [HMV] [CDJapan] [YesAsia] [Amazon.co.jp]

    October 9th 2008

    Added two new sets 4th ATTACK and ATTACK ALL AROUND TOUR 2008! Do check them out!

    Also, I might be throwing out the screencaptures set altogether, since it seems kind of silly. Let me know at my main blog if you really really want it!

    October 7th 2008

    D: I will die finishing up this website! The scans and screencaps sets are down but will be back up soon! I'm giving this blog a massive overhaul, so please be patient with me!

    That said, There are MANY MANY new profile pictures, blog pictures as well as a new set Radio'n Fire! Do check them out!

    Am really excited at the solo project out soon from him too! You can get a preview on his official website, which I've listed at the sidebar.

    Lots of love and fatigue,